Beyond Semiotics

for a flutist with a voice

Beyond Semiotics consists of 5 musical/linguistic ideas that feature, and thereby substantiate the concept of a voice rudely entering and exiting a flute. Symbols, seasonings, and vague suggestions stemming from both the text and music taint and warp the various subconscious interpretations of the listener. Narrative has no place with the extrapolated meanings here- only lost memories and faded ideas float in this world completely devoid of linearity. To state it simply: it is the landscape beyond semiotics.

I. simply hear just objects events space proof read the sound clapping model dream itself dream
II. form chart symbolic content trough kill words lie misleading misleading itself
III. contrary order dreams triangles sense plastic   
IV. sound corporeal private sense suppose unconscious happen outside outside itself
V. accident dream living bodies channel sound possible thoughts binding binding itself