She lapsed 12 times into feigned lines

for Mocrep - 5 movers + audio score

* performers walk in time with audio score - audio score is rarely heard by audience

* each performer has their own audio part
* performers always mimic the vocal techniques in the audio score by walking
* performers choose 5 pairs of shoes that visually and sonically contrast one another
* all performers must choose and agree upon how to mimic the vocal techniques - in doing so, it is important that performers carefully work out each walking technique together
* must move in straight line from left stage to right stage (and vice versa), face direction of trajectory
* performers only vocalize/sing when instructed to do so in the audio score
* shoes are set along any part of each performerʼs trajectory, must be kept in matching pairs
* when audio score says “change shoes,” the performer must move to their selected pair of shoes for the next vocal technique and change their shoes  
*one person (not performing) must control the mixer for parts where the vocal audio score is revealed through stereo loudspeakers